Henley New High Speed Landing Craft

Function and durability in any size.

Henley engineering has created an exceptionally rugged and elegant landing craft.

Landing Craft floorThis boat's unique hydrodynamic hull shape allows it to haul enormous amounts of cargo and still plane with ease.

  1. Lapstraked sides give it an attractive appearance and it diffuses water spray to keep the operator and occupants dry when fully loaded or empty hauling
  2. Henley engineers have also designed the Landing Craft to haul maximum loads without taking in water at the front gate.
  3. The superior strength of our Landing Craft is made possible with our patented, fully framed design.
  4. Bottom stakes spaced out lengthwise across the bottom of the craft help to make it one of the strongest hulls in the industry.

Versatility makes the Landing Craft one of Henley's most popular boats...

you can use it as a work boat or add some bow seating and it becomes the ideal cruising boat.

1-20landin-leftWhether fishing, transporting material, marine research or cruising, with a single or twin-engine application, we'll build the quality aluminum boat that you have always wanted.

Henley Landing Craft

  • lengths range from 20 to 54 feet
  • cargo capacity of 2,000 to 40,000 pounds
  • custom build to your specifications

Our manufacturing site allows us to build and launch boats up to 60 feet in length.

Basic hull available or have us convert your's into a Side Console, Centre Console or Tiller design.24' Landing Craft, c/w 225 Honda & 20 Honda auxiliary.

50" loading ramp ideal for building material, ATV's, etc...

Boat was constructed to accommodate a wheelchair i.e. space behind console and loading ramp. 55 mph !!!



Dual console
Two pedestal seats
Manual bow gate


Finished Cabin Standard Wheel HouseElectric Bow Gate
Welded Pedestal Seats
Storage Boxes Aft and Bow
Side And Stern Railing
Cargo Tie Downs
Cabin Heater
Air Conditioner
Rear Tow Bar and Bow Tow Bar
Depth Finder
Multiple Bilge Sections
Deck Wash Pump
Added Deck Lighting
Crane and Winches
Side Access Doors
Dingy Hoists
Hydraulic Kicker Engine Bracket
Custom Painted Hull and Cabin